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Hello, my friends.

I like to post updates in our little community here that help us live our best lives… news, articles, fun items… ways to take control of our diabetes and not let it control us.

Well, I have to share with you something that I’ve read several times now – 7 Steps to Health. It’s a wonderful guide that was put together by the International Council for Truth in Medicine (you can learn more about them here) that really broke down for me the role medication should play in our lives versus what should be our own responsibility.

Here’s the truth: it wasn’t the amount of money I used to spend on my conidition that frustrated me the most. It was the pain, and always seeming like a burden to my family. Not being able to attend birthday parties for my grandchildren, missing school plays… all because my feet were swollen, I was tired, and everything hurt. I tried eating differently, and I even tried exercising – but those didn’t last long with my pain. I just felt like I was staring up the top of a well in which there was no escape.

I started reading books and educating myself. Some were trash, some gave me some background on diabetes, and others blamed me for having type 2 in the first place. However, finding 7 Steps to Health changed everything for me.

One thing it made clear to me: If I kept up life like this, I was going to die from diabetes. Either from the pain, or the medication, or just giving up. But I couldn’t keep going like that and expect to live. And the thought of my last moments being of tubes all around me and being in agony — that was just too much.

As I kept reading, I learned about the root causes of diabetes and what medication actually fixes. Did you know that not only are prescription diabetes medications dangerous, but that they don’t actually correct the root cause of diabetes… just the symptoms? So, if the medicine isn’t fixing the problem, what is it doing?

On top of all that, this book taught me:

1. Diabetes does NOT have to be a death sentence

2. I can live a life WITHOUT having sore fingers

3. Certain foods can actually END neuropathy pain

4. Specific Common Toxic Food Additives can actually make the pain worse

5. A group of simple foods has completely reversed type 2 diabetes in 71% of people

Let me make something clear: I am in that 71%, and this book changed my life.

Here’s the bottom line: this book could give you back your life.

Like anyone else, though, I was skeptical about the purchase. It cost me $37, and I didn’t have a lot of money. But, they were offering a 100% money-back guarantee… so, I thought, “What do I have to lose?” I bought it with every intention on returning it. But — I read it, took it with me grocery shopping, and, after two weeks – my blood sugar and A1C had completely normalized. To this day I keep it on my nightstand to remind me how close to death I had come.

I know this has been a long read. But – I wanted to share my experience with you in case you happened to have that feeling, deep down, that you were tired of going on this way. If that’s the case, then I ask you to give this a chance. Please. You can learn more about how to get it by clicking here.

When it costs you nothing, what do you have to lose?





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