How the American Healthcare Act Affects You

We have heard for months about the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act (AKA “Obamacare”) and possible replacements. At the time of this blog, the new plan, called the American Healthcare Act, has passed the House of Representatives by a very slim vote. It is now pending review by the Senate.

Now – What does this new bill mean? How does the American Healthcare Act affect you?

First: If you’re interested in going to the source and reading the bill yourself, along with summaries, here’s the link:

(You’ll see in the actual text how convoluted our laws are — lots of referencing other laws and adding/striking parts — inserting words here and there with little context without having all the referenced laws in front of you.)

For those of us that need a little help understanding what it means, here is a quick breakdown that may help!

Premium Costs Related to Age

The new bill allows for insurance companies to charge a premium for someone up to five times more than what is being charged to a younger person. Right now, only up to three times can be charged.

Penalties for Employers

Right now, if certain large company does not offer health insurance to its employees, they are penalized financially. The new bill removes that penalty.

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